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Strengthening our Security

Doorbell Cameras

Given recent car thefts and break ins which usually peak in winter months, we have been approached by residents for recommendations on security cameras. These are instrumental in deterring crime, help us keep an eye on our houses even while in the office or shopping and after any incident videos are shared between neighbours and the police. Houses without any visible deterrent are usually targetted first. We recommend Nest / Google then Ring cameras.

Highdown Security Map

Taking a 30 min walk up and down the Highdown and noting who has a cameras and who does not was a very simple task. Thieves can thus easily target properties with less security than other houses on the street. Our initial review is below. It was surprising just how many houses do already have doorbell cameras and the most common type was easily identifiable. Once we have grown our Community membership to include the rest of Highdown we will continue sharing security information and camera footage. Ultimately we hope that all the street will have our our eyes upon it such that thieves are immediately deterred from targeting Highdown and Lady Hay. 

Highdown Map - 2022 03 20.jpg
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