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Jubilee Party Help Needed

Positions and Equipment Needed

  • Warden - Highdown West End - manning the closure sign 

  • Warden - Lady Hay junction with Highdown

  • Warden - Highdown East End with Manor Drive

  • Traffic Road Closure Signs and Bollards - All OBTAINED (thanks to Vince)

  • Trestle Tables - Urgently Needed for central gathering area

  • Marquees or Gazebo needed

  • First Aid Qualified - Volunteers

  • BBQ - Stands x 6 - (1 filled thanks to Gary, five more needed)

  • Homebrew Highdown Beer - POSITION thanks to Kas

  • Bunting Maker x5 - (1 position filled thanks to Mary, more needed)


    • BBQ, hot dogs, chicken, 

    • Any national cuisine you want to showcase

    • Cakes

  • Anything else you think will make a better party! We can't grow a community without community participation.

Give Us Your Feedback
Please let us know here how you can support the Jubilee Party. Or use the whatsapp group chat.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!