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Jubilee Street Party Overview

Friday 3rd June



ROAD CLOSURE - 11am to 5pm
Claim the road while it's closed.
Invite guests to arrive beforehand.

Central Area

There will be a central gathering area as long as we receive enough equipment donations. 

This will be at the junction of Highdown and Lady Hay.

There will be good stalls for Burgers, Sausages and also Highdown Beer. Suggested Donations for items will be presented (all funds go to support future Highdown events, Halloween, Christmas etc)


Dress Code

Red Stripe Dame.png


or Solid Colours

but only...

Red White or Blue

Street & Home Decorations


Bunting and Flags! That's all you need. 

Home Cooking

We will cater in the Central Area on first come first served basis. However suggest that households ensure they have their own BBQs running on their front driveways as we may not have sufficient funds, volunteers to cater for all. Come out on your driveways and the street to meet your neighbours and grow the community.

Volunteers and Equipment Needed!

The Party

  • Warden - Highdown West End - manning the closure sign 

  • Warden - Lady Hay junction with Highdown

  • Warden - Highdown East End with Manor Drive

  • Traffic Road Closure Signs and Bollards - All OBTAINED (thanks to Vince)

  • TRESTLE TABLES - Urgently Needed for central gathering area

  • Marquees or Gazebo needed - one offered

  • First Aid Qualified - Volunteers

  • BBQ - Stands x 4 - (2 filled thanks to Gary and Fiona, two more needed)

  • Homebrew Highdown Beer - POSITION thanks to Kas

  • Bunting Maker x5 - (1 position filled thanks to Mary, more needed)


    • BBQ, hot dogs, chicken, 

    • Any national cuisine you want to showcase

    • Cakes

  • Anything else you think will make a better party! We can't grow a community without community participation.

Volunteer Time or Equipment here
Please let us know here how you can support the Jubilee Party. Or use the whatsapp group chat.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

Support Donations Welcome

All donated funds go towards supporting the central gathering area with food.

Any surplus will be put back into the community for future events at Halloween and Christmas.


Organising the Party

Members of the Highdown Community voted to hold a Street Party for the upcoming Queen's Jubilee Holiday, voting to hold it on Friday 3rd June and to apply to the council to close the road between 11am and 5pm on the day. All households were sent canvas flyers. Kingston council approved (note that Leyfield will be closed on Saturday and Manor Drive on Sunday for their street parties).

All residents are being asked to prepare bunting, decorations and dress code in advance.  

Highdown will be closed from end to end between 11am and 5pm on the day. 

Everyone is welcome to claim the road however they please.

There will be a central gathering area at the junction of Highdown and Lady Hay.

We are fundraising to provide food and drink services at the central area, depending on amount received, get give as much as we get. 

Everyone is invited to bring their BBQs out on their front driveways (in the style of the VE Day celebrations).

Decorations of houses with Bunting and Flags are encouraged.

(Suggested purchases can be accessed here.)

The Dress Code - White/Blue/Red striped clothing or plain Red, White, Blue. Fancy Dress of any Jubilee relevant theme welcome.

VOLUNTEERs are desperately needed. Please reach out on Whatsapp to offer support. We can only have a community with community participation.

Highdown Community

The Highdown Community membership currently comprises 82 of the 122 houses on Highdown and further members from both Lady Hay and Tamesis Gardens. It was set up in February 2022 in order to strengthen community spirit among the residents of the street given the warm reception of the VE Day 2020 celebrations. Furthermore two burglaries this year spurred greater sharing of security detail amongst the members.


Since creation members voted to expand the community to Tamesis Gardens and Lady Hay.

Communications of the community are handled via this website and forum (residents only permitted access) and a whatsapp group. Any resident is free to join both (the website login / join link above and the whatsapp group is accessible via QR code below). All joiners are checked for resident status to ensure privacy in the group.

Whatsapp QR.png
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