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Jubilee Street Party

This was the very first Highdown Community event, organised in order to honour the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. It included residents from Highdown, Lady Hay and Tamesis Gardens. Community members voted to close the entire of Highdown on the day between 11am and 5pm. Residents took over the road itself with the organisers coordinating a central gathering area at the junction of Highdown and Lady Hay. It was a tremendous success, with residents generously donating to fund the event, with many food contributions, many cakes, sides, burgers, sausages, smoked Texan chicken and so on. Everyone pitched in to set up the Gazebos sheltering us from the sun. We were lucky to hold the event on this day as the following two days where other streets held their parties, were plagued with grey skies and rain. Everyone was very proud of what we achieved and the outsanding community spirit seen. Many Highdowners commented that they had never seen such an event on the road in all their time. The children also took full advantage to skate, cycle and paint on the road in pastels. A fantastic day and the first event of many to come as we build a greater community on road where we know our neighbours like no other place.

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