Hello, we are the crew behind the Highdown Website

The idea behind this website started on VE Day 2020 when members of our street congregated outside, during the initial lockdown to celebrate. There many neighbours met and socialised for the first time. It was a wonderful day for the entire street and we all felt proud not just of our fine nation but our local community.


We wanted to continue and foster greater neighbourly spirit and hence this website and the various forums were created. 


Some nearby streets have marvelous communities (those folk down in Leyfield and their stunning Christmas decorations) and we would like the same for our street.

While Whatsapp groups can be a stream of information, we suggest using forums for more targetted information of activities such as scheduling yearly barbecues, or tool and equipment loans.


Also we wish the Highdown to be the safety street in Worcester Park and we can all help create this,


Thanks for visiting and please join as a member to participate in the Forums. 



Hello, I grew up in Worcester Park and returned from living in central London five years ago. I love being back in this neighbourhood. It's great to actually know your neighbours!



Hi, I've been on the street for some time and raised my family here. Community is very important to me and I hope this website will foster greater interactions between everyone on this wonderful street.


This website has costs to run which have been paid in advance by the committee. This platform is built on Wix at the cost of £6 per month. Any donations to support the running of the website would be gratefully received above and will be used for continuing to manage the site.

If you wish to donate, then please use the link above.